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Social media optimization tips 2018

In today’s blog, we shall see important social media optimization tips 2018 and how we can best leverage social media for achieving corporate goals.

Now, Social media is an intense part of marketing strategy of the organization’s. It all started with sharing news, information, a common interest in professions, careers, sports etc.

Social media strategy 2018
Social media strategy 2018

Later in the past few years, it has taken as a serious marketing tool by online marketers.

Top digital marketing agencies in Mumbai, India have a dedicated social media department for the promotion of products and services of their clients and online lead generation.

What are the different types of social media?

The intent and purpose of interaction at the social media are responsible for the types of social media people use to interact.

The best digital marketing agency in Mumbai, India will take into consideration the products and services of their clients.

Thier geographical market, audiences, local market competition and customer demographics.

There are many popular social media sites.  There are more than 60+ social media platforms.

social media marketing tips 2018
social media marketing tips 2018

The list of some popular and major social media in India are:

  1. Facebook
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Twitter
  4. Google+
  5. WhatsApp
  6. WeChat
  8. Instagram
  9. Skype
  10. Viber
  11. Line
  12. Snapchat

The list is much more, but we are restricting it to the popular ones in India.

Social media optimization tips 2018

Social media is a part of daily life now. Almost all of us, use at least one type of social media platform.

Let us understand, how best we can use social media for our business and the best Social media optimization tips 2018

How social media can contribute to sales, revenue generation, customer service, brand promotion etc.

Why use social media for business promotion?

Social media is playing the role of influencer. Your customer using any type of social media are actively using social media.

Social media is used by your customers to find products or services, reviews, product descriptions, features, usage etc.

Your target audiences are also looking to the community for their reviews.

In other words, it is working as brand value enhancer.

Social media influence on Online Shopping
Social media influence on Online Shopping

Almost all corporates have a web presence either through a website, e-commerce site, mobile app or social media platform.

As per the reports and based on a survey of 22,618 consumers across 5 continents and 25 countries and territories. Given below are some interesting facts.

  • Almost 78% of your target audiences are influenced by social media when they shop online
  • 45% of them read reviews or comments before shopping online
  • 44% of them shop after receiving promotional offers
  • 30% shop after getting influenced by advertisements on social media
  • 25% of them go with the trends of the market
  • 22% of them engage in writing reviews or comments
  • 20% associate themselves with brands/retailers and
  • 16% of them purchase directly

The above case study clearly reveals the growing role of social media in the buying patterns of online shoppers all over the world.

What digital marketers and companies can learn from the above case study?

  1. Have a dedicated social media presence with profile/identity
  2. If they launch a new product/service, then consider for paid advertising on social media
  3. Offering promotional offers works
  4. Maintain and give due importance and credit to your brand social media profile as you do it on your website
  5. Post at your social media accounts with regular updates and announcements
  6. Regularly reply to any queries or comments
  7. Always address any negative remark or comment with a positive note and a commitment to improving the goods and services
  8. Post rich media such as images, videos, infographics, case studies, white papers.
  9. Always include a call to action button to your social media accounts such as a link to your website URL,  contact number or email
  10. Assign a dedicated person with the responsibility of handling of your social media profile and accounts.

Let us look at some data reports on social media users in India from Statista

India number of social network users 2015-2022
India number of social network users 2015-2022

The above statistics are important from the numbers point of view.

The number of social media users in India has increased from 168.10 million in 2016 to 196.02 million in 2017.

In 2018  it is expected to increase to 226 million number of social media users in India.

The most popular social media platform in India are YouTube and Facebook.

The Facebook is projected to reach 319 million users in 2021.

Digital marketers can easily guess how actively their target audiences are on the social media sites.

So, the numbers tell the story. Internet marketers need to be more focused and have a proper marketing strategy in place to interact with their target customers.

Social media is a game changer and great influencer if used strategically in line with sales and marketing goals of your organization.

Now the next question is how to use social media effectively for your business? or how to best use social media for business promotion?

Digital marketing strategies have not seen success in the past with the intent of only sales.

The social media is already a very crowded platform with all brands seeking to have a voice of their product and services.

To convey your message to your clients given below are the best practices to be followed:


Engagement with your customers is the top Social media optimization tips 2018. The digital marketers need to understand the purpose of people’s engagement at social media sites. Social media is a place where people visit to connect with their friends, exchanges ideas or any other useful information or entertainment.

The online marketers must promote their client’s product or services in an intelligent way with maximum audience reach.


Now, you are clear about the intent of your customers.

You have to be a clear authority on the goods or services you promote.

Try to listen, engage and interact with customers.

Always comment on feedback or any query from your clients.

Provide useful resources and information that can offer additional information regarding the goods and services you provide.

Try to explain how best your product and services can be useful to customers as compared to your competitors.


Social media marketers have to be consistent with the social media sites you use to interact with your customers.

It is not necessary to have a social media presence on all types of platforms.

You need to identify the top social media sites where your clients interact.

Post at least one daily updates about your organization. It can be an announcement, small post updates of 100 to 150 words, image, infographics or video.

The consistency of engagement with social media platform is the best Social media optimization tips 2018.


Social media optimization tips 2018 as given above will give you a right social media marketing strategy in 2018.

Social media sites have been a great digital marketing tool. The essence is to provide valuable information to your customers and choosing the right social platform.

Internet marketers are not expected to be a salesperson but rather help their customers in making the right informed decision.

The success of your social media efforts and return on investments in 2018 will depend on how well your digital marketer understands the target clients, their problems and offer a realistic solution to them.

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By Prashaant KD

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