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How to generate leads from social media?

We all know the power and importance of social media for its networking and connecting with your customers.

Business offers often tend to ask me

  • How to generate leads from social media?
  • Does Social media increase sales?
  • How to build a social networking site?
  • Which social media platform is the best to generate leads?
  • List of social media agencies in Mumbai?
  • Which are the best digital media agencies in Mumbai?
  • How to do selling through social media?
  • how to use social media to make sales?
  • Even you must be having one or more of the above questions in your mind.

Now let’s get to the solution straight away i.e. how to driving sales through social media. I shall share with you some easy tips or ways by which you can easily get quick results in your social media marketing strategy.

How to generate leads for your business from social media networking
Social Media Networking

How to build a social networking site?

You may be any type of business a hospital, cosmetics products, Ayurveda products manufacturer, school, industrial products manufacturing unit etc. All of them need to build a social networking site today either to generate sales or stay in constant contact with their existing clients for news and updates on their product and services.

Today time is very precious for all us. We have run short of time and have to deliver results quickly in the shortest possible manner.

There are many tools readily available today, so you need not start from scratch. Some of them are listed below:


Community Engine


Social Engine

Local SEO

If you want to grow your business, your local territory of the market should be your prime focus. There are many benefits of going to your local market for increasing sales of your company.

There are many SEO company in Mumbai offering local SEO guide for your business and prepare a long-term plan for your business marketing strategy.

There are plenty of SEO specialist with best SEO tools to improve SEO ranking of your company.

The first and basic thing you need to do is get your business listed on google my business. It is a very important free Google SEO tools to start your online presence

It is a free service from Google to get your business listed.

How to create leads from social media networks
How to use social media in business

Social Media Marketing Strategy

One the very popular yet not effectively used social media marketing strategy is holding contests.

In this also you can apply two strategies. One is for those who are interested in only winning the prize you award. The second one is for all those who are genuinely interested in your product or services.

The second option may note fetch you many leads, but it can give you quality leads.

There are many tools available online to create a contest and one of them is woobox. With woobox, you can easily create contests like quiz, video contest, puzzles and much more.

Social sites and social networks are the best marketing strategy for a long term to create quality leads in the long term for your business.

Social sites not only help in promoting your product and services but also improve website ranking by driving additional website traffic to your website.

Holding regular contest is key to how to get more traffic to your website?

Create your authority in your market

Now, this is very important. The industry to which you belong, you must prove your authority of expertise or knowledge in the market you belong.

This can be effectively done by reaching to your target B2B or B2C clients through your social media posts, blogs, listing in all the relevant trade directories category to which your business belongs.

Keep on issuing impressive press releases on how your product or services can help your end users or customers.

Similarly on writing descriptive blogs on your company website on how a particular problem can be solved with your product or services.

It should be always how you can help your customers in solving their problems or how beneficial your products or services can be to them as compared to your competitors.

This is a very important website optimization strategy that has to be fully explored by your SEO service provider.

The social media agency you hire must have all the above-mentioned strategies included in your marketing and promotion plan.

The social media management and social media campaign needs to be conversive with your targeted customers and should not be a waste of your resources.

Social media for business
Social media for business

How to generate leads from social media?

A number of blog post and articles are available over the web on how to generate leads from social media.

I will showcase some proven methods to scale up leads from social media

  • Focus on your target customers or market
  • See how your competitors are performing
  • what social media strategy they are applying
  • Paid advertisements relating to your product and services

How to do social media marketing is a regular and planned strategy on a long-term basis for your company. The results may not be instant but with regular testing and metrics you can assess the results and return on investments.

The prime focus of all the organizations should be how to get sales from social media. The selling through social media must be in such a way to be informative and useful from the end user point of view.

Your social media promotions must put the customer first, their problems, present grievances, solutions they are looking for over the internet.

The fact is that we often forget in our social media campaigns on how to use social media to make sales of our products or services.

Selling through social media

One of the most employed strategies for indirect selling through social media is to hold a contest and give freebies.

Contest and Quiz are an intelligent way to keep your target audiences engaged in conversation and linked with your social media promotions.

The focus again should be on your end users and it should keep them involved or engaged in a fun way yet with a purpose.

You can use photo contest, puzzle games, quiz and give away some freebies to the participants. The contest can also direct the visitors to the landing page of your website revealing more information about your product and services.

There will be multiple benefits of such promotional tactics:

  • Customer engagement
  • New customer lead generation
  • More traffic to your main website
  • Gathering of potential customer information such as name, email id, contact number etc.
  • Indirect promotion of your goods and services

To  summarize the above tips on leads from social media

  • For twitter follow peers from your industry and influential people
  • Post regular tweets on current affairs affecting your industry. The best example is GST – Global Sales Tax coming in effect from 01/07/2017.
  • You can regularly update the tax implications to your customers and industry in general.
  • On regular basis give updates on your products and services and your future launches.
  • Take help from social media agencies in Mumbai.
  • There are a quality number of digital media companies in Mumbai offering affordable social media services on how to use social media to make sales.
  • You can go to Google search and easily get a list of social media agencies in Mumbai.
  • Take help of Facebook adverts till your business take the time to establish.
  • Facebook is a great source of generating leads online if planned systematically and executed properly.
  • Use smaller post and use more images.
  • Images are more appealing than words. It can easily carry your message effectively if used intelligently.
  • The media companies in Mumbai can assist you on how to use social media for lead generation
  • The best of marketing is to keep your ears wide open. Listen, listen and listen. This is a golden rule if you want to survive and grow in your niche market.
  • Be part of conversations, debate in linked in groups, an online forum like Quora, Facebook groups, Twitter. You potential target customers may come there to look for a solution of their problems.
  • Always remember social media is a very crowded place today. There are millions of company like you trying to hard sell their goods and services. You can stand a chance of being heard or visible only if you are out there to help your prospects or customers.
  • Giving away a freebie is a good tactic to attract new customers. But remember the freebie you offer must be useful to your customers. It should be tried or used by them. There are many companies who offer their product and services on a trial basis or for a limited period.
  • The whole purpose is to have the customer or prospect a feel of your product. You are fully aware how good or useful your product or services are. But it is equally important for the world to acknowledge the benefits of it.
  • The freebie can be of any type a pdf file, video or infographic on how to use a product or serivces.
  • If you are not clear on how to go about, visit the forums where your customers interact for their problems.





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