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Different types of mobile marketing

Updated on 27th July, 2020

Mobile is an important tool for marketing your product and services.

Today, almost everyone is having a mobile handset or smartphone. So, it becomes logical for the digital marketers to have a strategy in place in 2018 for mobile marketing.

There are many types of mobile marketing and we shall explore them in depth to get the best out of these latest mobile marketing tool.

The different types of mobile marketing are:

SMS marketing
MMS marketing
Push notifications
App-based marketing
In-game mobile marketing
Location-based marketing
Mobile search ads
QR codes
Mobile image

First, let us understand what is mobile marketing and how does it work?

Mobile marketing or M marketing to put in simple words is the marketing of goods and services to mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, iPods and much more.

It is an important SEO strategy too!

It is an important type of digital marketing strategy There are different types of mobile marketing strategy as discussed in detail below. Through mobile marketing, you can effectively market your goods or services.

Mobile marketing can reach the customers with the time and location sensitive information of customer’s behavior regarding its products. Today mobile marketing has emerged one of the biggest platforms where your consumers spend most of the time on mobile devices.  If your company does not have any properly planned mobile marketing strategy for 2020 then you are sent to lose a big potential market share that can be generated from mobile marketing trends taking place now. Mobiles are widely used as a global payment model as per data reports are shown below:

total revenue of global mobile payment market 2015 to 2019
global mobile payment market

Data Source: Statista

As per the reports, there has been a great change in the mobile usage as compared to desktop and this means of customers are using mobile platform for doing online shopping. It is also estimated that the search queries to surpass the desktop. There is a year on year increase in the number of mobile devices shipped to India as per reports.

types of mobile marketing
types of mobile marketing

Do I need mobile marketing?

The answer is simple and straightforward yes! The data are shown above today the Shoppers prefer online shopping through their mobile devices.

Advantages of Mobile Marketing

There are many advantages of mobile marketing today as given below

  • Large audience base – as many of your prospects are mobile today, you have a larger potential customer base to target.
  • Low Cost – The cost of mobile marketing is much lower as compared to other digital mediums such as print or television. There are many types of mobile media you can use to promote your goods or services. The major types of mobile media widely used are SMS, In-App advertisements, mobile-friendly website ads etc.
  • Easy tracking – Due to the advancement of app-based mobile advertising the tracking and performance of your mobile advertising campaign is
  • very easy now. You get complete analytics of the data such as impressions, click through rate, call to actions, demographics of your audiences and much more.
  • Quick Response – As the recipients of your mobile ads always are near to their smartphones or mobile devices the response is quick enough. Either some actions will be taken on your advertisement or it will be rejected.

So how can I do mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing in India and all over the world can be done by placing different types of advertisements on mobile smartphones & tablets it may come in your header, footer, YouTube videos or as a pop up also. There are also different types of mobile marketing software’s available today.

It is absolutely clear that the mobile industry is clearly changing the game the way audiences today are engaging with their brands and products. People are opting to do all their daily works through mobile devices such as listening music; writing emails watching movies, Web browsing and much more. It is very important to engage your customers with their mobile devices.
In the US alone more and more people almost 60% are using mobile as the main source of using the Internet.

Types of Mobile Marketing

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing it is one of the oldest forms of mobile marketing in this you send messages using phone numbers of your potential buyers.

MMS Marketing

Multimedia messaging service (MMS) it’s one of the oldest forms of mobile marketing. In this mobile media marketing is done by sending a timed slideshow of images, text, audio, and video. in this form, you can send both mobiles terminated and receive mobile originated rich content through MMS A2P person to person.

Push notifications

Push notifications are another important mobile marketing tool. It helps brands to communicate those messages to the potential buyers in a simple and effective way. This method is cheaper compared to SMS marketing if used for a longer period but for short-term it may be expensive.

App-based marketing

Today it is a known fact that people daily engage with their mobile apps. Daily huge number of apps is being downloaded on mobile devices. The most popular and market leader is Google app store. As per the reports, it is clear that Android smartphones are the winner.  As far as the download of the mobile app is concerned. This gives us great potential for direct engagement and targeting the right customers and generating revenue. One another successful example of Mobile app based marketing is Facebook. Facebook mobile promoted ad post is integrated so seamlessly with their feeds is that it is difficult to recognize them as any kind of distractions.

In-game mobile marketing

All types of age group people like to play games on their mobile devices. The huge success of Pokémon Go is the latest example.  This is a significant platform to engage with our target audience directly. Different types of advertisements can be displayed while playing the game such as banner pop up image advertisement video ads at the beginning in between or at the end of the game.

Location-based marketing

Marketing messages are sent to the website visitors depending on the geographical presence of the people. For example, a pizza outlet based in South Mumbai may wish to put ads for that specific location only and need not market the whole of Mumbai region.

Search Advertising

These are given as extra add-on extensions such as click2call; search advertising mainly used by the search engines such Google, Microsoft and MSN etc.

QR codes

QR codes are mainly used for Mobile gaming sites. QR codes are scanned by the users through their mobile camera and are taken to the site at which the QR code is linked.

Mobile image

Images are used as an important tool of mobile marketing, advertisements are placed at different places on the website such as header footer or as a pop-up of images.

Objective of mobile marketing

In the above paragraphs, we have discussed the different types of mobile marketing. Once your organizations are fully convinced with the adoption of a long-term mobile marketing strategy. The management has to clearly define the objectives they want to accomplish from mobile marketing.

It may be any one of the followings:

  • New lead generation
  • Customer retention
  • Detailed information on the goods and services of the company
  • Future plans and product launches
  • Brand engagement
Mobile marketing strategy

Many digital marketers must clearly understand the difference and approach towards marketing on a desktop website and mobile website.

First, both the URLs of desktop and mobile should be same.

Second, the links to all your social media platforms should be easily visible on both sites.

Third, the website design should be responsive on both desktop and mobile.

The more simple and less complicated the layout of your website is the more it will be user-friendly. There is special mobile SEO company who are specialized in this segment.


From the above discussion, it is clear that smartphones have become an inevitable part of our lives. People are spending most of their time on mobile handsets it may be making calls, messaging, chatting on social media, sending email, surfing the internet or doing online shopping.

Digital marketers need to have a mobile media marketing strategy in their sales plans and to retain and increase their customer base.

There are both pros and cons of mobile marketing, which I shall discuss in later posts. For now, if we look at the bigger picture there are surely more benefits of mobile marketing.

If you want to share any views on mobile marketing, do share with us and we shall include on our blog.

By Prashaant KD

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