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social media marketing tools 2017

Social Media Marketing is the use and optimization of social media websites and social networks to market a company’s products and services. Social media marketing tools 2017 provides organizations a way to reach new customers and engage with existing customers. To the leverage, the best of social platforms social media marketing tools are very useful.

To the leverage, the best of social platforms, social media marketing tools are very useful.

Time is money and we all agree to it. Manually, we cannot reach everywhere. At some stage of business, you need to take help of social media tools for business so that you can save your time and focus on other areas of your business.

social media marketing platforms 2017
Social media networking platforms

Today, the social media is a crowded place. To make your presence will take efforts, time and patience. There is no instant formula to grow your social media rankings, Facebook likes.

In brief, the different and popular social media platforms 2017 where your future customers are:








Social media marketing uses techniques that target social networks/platforms and applications to spread your product and services brand awareness or promote them. Social media marketing campaigns usually center around: Establishing a social media presence on major platforms where you are sure your target audiences spend their time.

Having a robust social media campaign

social media campaign is a joint marketing effort to execute or help with a business goal using popular social media platforms.  The campaigns you plan needs to be innovative and keep your target audiences involved and should be measurable. Campaigns differ from everyday social media efforts because of their increased focus, targeting, and measurability.

best social media management tools 2017
Social media management tools for 2017

Now coming back to our main topic about the various social media marketing tools which we are going to discuss today. The list of most popular social media marketing tools are:







Social Metrics Pro


Post Planner

Social Clout



Let’s analyze the above social media tools:


The number of subscribers speaks itself for the buffer. It has over 3 millions subscribers. It is one of the most popular social media content sharing app among marketers and businesses.

The main feature of the buffer is it shares your content at the best possible times throughout the day. If enables your followers and fans see your updates more often.

If you have a very busy schedule, you can just either once in a day or week schedule your posts. They offer both free and premium plans.

How to create leads from social media networks
How to use social media in business


Another popular social media tool is Edgar. It is the most effective tool to double your traffic by automatically resharing your content.  It is the social media scheduling tool that grows your business.

Edgar increases engagement and gets you new fans. It ensures that you have content going out on social media regularly. Shuffle, start and stop at will – the queue auto-refills from your unlimited library of saved updates. They offer the only premium paid plans.


IFTTT is a free web-based service that people use to create chains of simple conditional statements known as applets. It brings all your services together to create a new experience. An applet is triggered by changes that occur within other web services such as Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.An applet may send an e-mail message if the user tweets using a hashtag or copy a photo on Facebook to a user’s archive if someone tags a user in a photo.

Services are the apps and devices we use in our everyday working life.  Each service has a useful applet that you can turn on. An applet is triggered by changes that occur within other web services such as Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.An applet may send an e-mail message if the user tweets using a hashtag or copy a photo on Facebook to a user’s archive if someone tags a user in a photo.


Quuu is the unique source for content suggestions and the only place where each and every post has been hand-reviewed in-house. They have both free and premium paid plans.

In Quuu Select from over 300 interest categories to receive suggestions that matter to you and your audience. Then Choose how many suggestions you’d like to send to your social profiles via your Buffer or HubSpot account.

We shall take a look at some interesting statistical data of social media users in India. As per the data available from Statistia, there is a huge increase in the social media users every year.

Gowth of social media users in India
Growth of social media users in India

As per the data available above, there is 20% plus year on year growth in the number of users of social media in India.

Sprout Social

Founded in 2010, Sprout Social is built on the idea that the world is better when businesses and customers communicate freely. Thier products help streamline and enhance those conversations—with customers, prospects and enthusiasts. They have all the handy features but stays out of the way to let brands easily engage with people and build lasting relationships.

Thier all plans are premium paid ones. Although, they offer a 30-day free trial. You can try their services and if you are satisfied upgrade to paid plans.


It is one of the popular news-reading apps. Panda 5 will boost and speed up your content curation process by allowing you to browse multiple websites at one go, integrate them with other websites and pull in RSS feeds of your business content.

Panda5 is a smart news reader built for productivity, powered by integrations. It can also be used as a Chrome and Safari extension. It is a free platform for users.


Socialoomph boosts your social media productivity. It doesn’t have to be a manual time-consuming process! Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, RSS feeds, blogs, and much more!

Easily schedule updates, find quality people to follow, and monitor social media activity. The best part is they have both free and paid plans.

The main features of it are you can schedule your tweets, Track your keywords, save and reuse drafts and much more.

Social Metrics Pro

Social Metrics Pro is a useful WordPress plugin we use to monitor how our content performs on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. It’s simple, neat and works precisely as you would expect it. Unfortunately, they don’t have any free trial plans.


HootSuite is another premium and popular social media platform. It allows you to save a lot of your time by automating your social media promotions.

With HootSuite, you can manage all of your company’s social networks in one convenient dashboard, and keep a track of what’s happening in your social world.

As said it is a premium paid plan, they offer a 30 day trial period.

Post Planner

Post Planner is another premium paid social media engagement platform. In this media, you can find the best content for your audience.

They offer best and recommended feeds based on your industry and interests. Discover new content by keyword, hashtag, Facebook page or Twitter handle. Gather your favorite content in one place.

Save and combine your feeds into powerful streams. Create a personal library organized the way you want.


Social clout is a social media monitoring software and analytics solution. Your marketing plan is not successful without a social media monitoring tool.

In this tool, you listen to the most active medium of social media and get insights about your brand, company, product and services across platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs, Forums etc.

You can also Manage your social campaigns across all your social platforms using a single interface. In addition, you can generate leads out these campaigns and get the power of best of the class reporting to make your campaigns more effective.

The good part is that they have a free plan. Their plans are suitable for all types of users.


In Buzzsumo you can analyze which of your content performs well in your social media channels. You can also check which of your competitors content is performing well.

Just enter the Url of the website and you will get a detailed analysis of which content is doing well. You can get Facebook engagements, twitter shares, Pinterest shares, the number of likes and much more.

They have been in social media analysis domain for a long time and done very well. They don’t have free plans. Although, they offer free trial period offer.


The most important thing your social media campaign requires is promotional materials. It can be flyers, banners, posters, cards, brochures, infographics etc. There are many free and paid tools. But, the best one in the industry is Canva. It is a very powerful tool for all your social media campaign and promotion requirements.

The best part is they have a free forever plan along with premium paid plans. So, go ahead and try Canva to its full potential and see what magic it can do.


There are many free and paid social media tools for 2017. What is your social promotion tool? If you have any interesting tool, please share with us.

Social media tools are there to save our time. Some tools are really good as seen above. If you are getting good results and return on investments (ROI), include it in your digital marketing strategy.


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