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Search Engine Marketing Strategy 2017

Search engine marketing strategy 2017 and website seo services have become the center point of all result oriented market and content distribution for digital marketers.

Search engine marketing consultant have to constantly analyze seo internet marketing or search engine marketing services and change their search engine marketing tactics. As the Google, continuously keeps on changing its algorithms, the focus has to be intense.

What is Search Engine Marketing?

We all know Search engine marketing (SEM) or seo online marketing is a type of Online/Internet marketing that focuses on the promotion of websites by enhancing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) mainly through paid advertising such as Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns.

Search engine optimization advertising is a long-term strategy and it has to be planned and executed with all the stakeholders of your sales & marketing department. The website optimization is to be delivered by the digital marketing team to attract more targeted audience traffic to your web portal.

If you are a SEO consultant/pursuing digital marketing and working in a SEO company, then this article must offer you some good industry insight.

At the Econsultancy event in Singapore, Digital Outlook 2017 Part 2 hosted by NTUC, delegates analyzed the overview of all significant changes Google executed. To summarize these are:

  • Constantly evaluate your Google AdWords campaigns
  • SEO is the center of all content delivery system
  • Google is emphasizing on mobile friendly sites
  • Finally, it is not possible to optimize your website for Rankbrian

The internet marketing/online seo services space is flooded with millions of content curated on a daily basis. To stand our the best among them is a challenge for the seo agency.

Don’t worry! There’s a simple solution to your search engine marketing strategy 2017.

  • All the seo basics need to be at the right place.
  • Keeps your eyes open and follow the current market trends
  • Socialize – spend time on social media to understand what your customers or prospects are behaving
  • Follow the leaders in the industry
  • Have a long mobile strategy and search engine marketing techniques for your website
  • Invest in time-saving search engine marketing tools
  • SEO marketing plan for customers not entirely for search engines

As mentioned above digital marketers need to get their basics implemented correctly. A few basic tips to follow are:

Techniques for search engine marketing strategy 2017

Indexing of Website

At least once in a week the marketers need to login their Google Search Console account and check the number of web pages successfully indexed by Google.

Until all the pages are properly indexed they may not show up in Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS).

SEO expert in Mumbai
SEO expert

Choose your keywords wisely

The whole game of Google search goes around keywords. Such is an immense importance of keywords to any website and digital marketer. Use Google keywords planner to know the best keywords for your website.

Search engine optimization cost should not be very high. It should be within your clients or Company’s budget.

Use Google Trends to know the latest happenings in the industry. Curate your content marketing strategy around your keywords.

Plan your Keyword Strategy 

First, I need to share with you some interesting statistics on Keyword. Please review the chart from Statistia.

Google Search engine market share by query and keyword size
Search engine market share by query size

Image Courtesy: Statistia

The above data show the keywords size typed by searchers in the different search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, Ask and others.

One interesting thing that you must have noticed is that almost 40% share of keyword query size belongs to one word of Google and Bing!

Further, from the above data, it is very much clear Bing enjoys an upper hand in the share of searches of keywords by query size.

As we all know Google is the market leader as far as the share of search engines in the world today. To prove this Please refer the data given below. From the data available it is clear that in the U.S. Google is the market leader as far as the number of core search queries taken into account.

Search queries by U.S. search engines
Search queries by U.S. search engines

Image Courtesy: Statistia

The reason for displaying this data is to make the digital marketers and businesses the role of Google in the market share of search queries.

We all need to pay special attention to adhere all the web page quality guidelines regularly updated by the Google and follow all the white hat SEO tactics to avoid Google penalties such as Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird etc.


All digital marketers are well aware of the fact that social media marketing is a long-term strategy. Your digital marketing campaigns will take a time to show the desired results.

Google Adsense has revised its policies

Google has updated its AdSense ad policies, they are now no longer permitting the use of ads on pop-under pages.

The reason was that the company believes ads on pop-under pages do not provide a good user experience. It is now very essential for SEO experts to adhere to all the publishing guidelines of Google to be better placed in rankings of their web pages.

In simple words, if you want to rank well in Google’s algorithms and continue displaying AdSense ads, it’s best to refrain from using pop-unders.

“Google My Business” valuable Search engine marketing strategy 2017

Google my business is a free tool from the search engine giant. The purpose of it ease searchers and your potential customers discover your business location details and vital information. Digital marketers should religiously follow all the guidelines and provide all vital information of their business.

Social Media a website traffic driver magnet

Yes! social media is a very powerful tool in driving traffic to your website. Google webmasters are so occupied with their search engine marketing they often tend to overlook this vital segment.

Social media is the real-time place where your customers, prospects may be B2B, B2C exists. The two major benefits of it are:

You are in direct connection with your target audiences. You get an insight of their behaviors, preferences, and purchases.

As per the feedback, you receive from your audiences. You can make changes in your marketing strategies, product or service improvements, offer better customer services and much more.

So dear marketers do make sure to spend a part of your busy schedule exclusively for social media marketing.

Content Marketing Strategy for Consumers/Prospects, not Search Engines

This is the most vital strategy every digital marketing professional must religiously follow. Your main goal of all Search engine marketing strategy 2017, search engine optimization, and social media marketing is increasing sales of your product or services, acquire new clients and improve brand loyalty.

Your content does not exist only for search engines to consume. Google has always clarified that they will fetch your content to searchers if they are useful to them. 

If your content is offering the much-needed information or solving the problem of your searchers they will definitely be ranked higher in search engine result pages (SERP).

Get website index by major Search Engines

Any best seo company offering digital marketing services will primarily focus on google seo. As we are aware the top search engine is Google, Yahoo, Bing.

You should start with indexing of all your pages with google search engine submission first.

As one of the best seo company in India, our primary and first step is to check that all final pages are rendered for indexing to Google. 

You can also submit your site through Google Search Console. Internet marketing companies must adhere and follow strictly this practice of indexing of website pages to all major search engines.

Get quality links for your website

Good quality link building policy will always improve your google search engine page rankings.

Never fall prey to cheap and low-quality link building tactics. They can significantly damage and lower your page rank in google and other search engines.

Our seo services in India, U.S., U.K., Canada, U.A.E have zero tolerance policy for cheap and paid link building tactics.

To start with our seo experts will follow only white hat policies. It not only gets you quality links but also increases your google page rank. Internet marketing can only be successful when your website is visible on the first page of Google search results.


From the above, it is very clear that search engine marketing strategy is ever evolving and changing. If you are a budding digital professional working for a website optimisation company, then this guide must help you.

To summarize, always follow the white hat seo tactics for your company and clients.  The more quality Google guidelines and policies you adhere, the more benefits you will reap in long term. 

Search engine marketing strategy 2017 given above will definitely give you useful insights for digital marketing strategy.

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By Prashaant KD

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