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Social media marketing companies in Mumbai and across the globe are trying to fully optimize the social media marketing tools 2018.

To achieve their client goals social media marketing websites are deploying the best possible social media monitoring tools in 2018. The client expectations and the significance of delivering results have prompted social media marketing companies to implement and execute the best social media marketing plan.

social media marketing firm
social media marketing firm

Social media marketing companies

So, what to expect from your social media agency in 2018?
The already crowded social media platform is posing an immense challenge and pressure on social media marketing companies.
There are need and urgency to identify the target the target audiences and engage with them.

Client Goals

The social media marketing firm in detailed discussion and analysis of market and industry reports and statistical data reports assign the goals.

Clients requirement may be building value, lead generation from social media, conveying information or announcement of product and services.

Some clients may target to directly market their products and services in their social media marketing strategy.

Your customer ultimate organization and goals and return on investments from social media has to be the center point of all social media marketing campaign.

Social media marketing platforms

Once you have identified the goals of your client the next step is to identify the right social media marketing platforms.

With the help of effective and reliable social media marketing tools and social media tracker in 2018, you understand the best social media platforms.
The benefits of using social media marketing tools for business are:

  1. Customer statistics with demographics
  2. Geographical location
  3. Who your followers are!
  4. How your followers engage with your social media sites
  5. Conversion rate pattern
  6. Feedback/comments

Facebook is the leading social media marketing platform in India as per statistical data reports from Statista in January 2018 with 250 million users.

Facebook users as of January 2018 in India
Facebook users as of January 2018 in India

Facebook is the center point of all the social media marketing campaigns.

The digital marketers need to regularly check and update their client’s Facebook page.

The social media analysis and social media management tools help the social media marketers to collect valuable insights and data from various social media platforms to plan, design, execute and measure social media marketing strategy and campaign.
Most importantly it will be easier for organizations to understand the impact and corporate goal achievement.

The social media marketing agency has also to take into consideration, how the social media marketing and promotion efforts are directly contributing to the results or bottom line of their clients. For example, how can we directly correlate sales and social media followers? or with the subscription of any services.

Finally, the client will be happy if your agency is offering results such as with 1,000 followers and good conversion rate as compared to 10,000 engaging with your social media site and lesser conversion rate.

There are many paid and free best social media marketing tools. It is up to the client to decide their budget and time limit of their social media campaign

Best free/paid social media marketing tools 2018

The list is big, but we shall cut them short with best social media marketing tools for 2018, some of them are totally free and other offers a starter free plan with an option to upgrade to paid plans:

  1. Google Analytics – Free
  2. Buffer
  3. FollowerWonk
  4. Viral Root
  5. Quintly
  6. Bing Webmasters Tool
  7. Cyfe
  8. Keyhole
  9. Tailwind

Readers are advised to go through in detail of the above mentioned social media analytics tools and decide the best for their organization. 365 digital marketing is not directly affiliated to any of the above-mentioned tools.

The deployment of free or paid social media tools depends on the client’s organization size, budget, social media engagement, and geographical locations.


Social media today is a big pie. It has grown huge and big over the years. Thanks to the various innovative social media platforms. It is for the digital and social media marketing consultant/agency to fully and best optimize its potential.

Companies with a smaller budget or no budget can also explore the social media marketing services. The ultimate goal of all your social media marketing plan is to generate leads, sales, brand promotion, announcement or any other as per individual corporate requirement.

365 digital marketing is a social media marketing companies in Mumbai. Our motto is to implement the social media optimization techniques to our clients.
We offer both free and paid social media marketing pricing subscription plans.

By Prashaant KD

Prashaant KD, Founder & Principal Consultant, brings 20+ years of experience (agency and in-house), extensive knowledge of search engines from optimizing websites during his career, and a laser focus on increasing revenue for his clients. Prashaant KD is also an accomplished blogger who has contributed to a multitude of authoritative blogs on the topics of SEO, Social Media Inbound Marketing and E-commerce
He has experience leading internal teams and training staff on Sales & Marketing, Content Writing and SEO best practices in order to help companies realize their full website traffic and revenue potential.