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Navi Mumbai a modern, well-planned and developed township near Mumbai City.

It is planned by CIDCO. It is also a major and important industrial, manufacturing and commercial offices hub of Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Companies in Navi Mumbai are deploying services of seo company in Navi Mumbai for better search appearance of their website.

As per the statistical data available for 2018 from the Thane Belapur industries Association (TBIA) more than 3,000 different types of industries are operating in Navi Mumbai.

In the given below image you can witness the classification of numerous types of industries in the Navi Mumbai location (Thane-Belapur)

Statistical data for differnt types of industries in Navi Mumbai 2018
Statistical data for different types of industries in Navi Mumbai 2018

From the above data it is evident that chemical industry is acquiring the maximum number of industries in Navi Mumbai i.e. 1082 and constituting 33% of total industries.

The second largest industry is engineering with 1260 numbers making up to 38%.

The third largest is IT & IT related products 615 numbers, 19%.

The fourth position is taken by Textile, Dyeing and pharmaceuticals with 295 companies and 9% of share of total industries.

Finally service industries and & others comprise to 24 with 1% of the share.

The prominent cities developed in the Navi Mumbai are:

  1. Vashi
  2. Turbhe
  3. Koparkhairane
  4. Airoli
  5. Ghansoli
  6. Dighe
  7. Sanpada
  8. Jui Nagar
  9. Nerul
  10. Seawoods-Darave
  11. CBD Belapur
  12. Kharghar
  13. Mansarovar
  14. Khandeshwar
  15. Panvel

Navi Mumbai is all set to secure its new international airport as our prime minister Mr.Narendra Modi on 18th of February 2018.

The total cost of the project is Rs.16,700 crores. The new airport will give a enormous boost to industrial and infrastructure projects in the city of Navi Mumbai.

As the number of companies in Navi Mumbai is set to grow and more organizations are ready to launch their commercial operation in the city.

There will be an increase in digital marketing activities of these companies.

Google search results
Google search results

seo company in Navi Mumbai

We are Digital marketing agency in Navi Mumbai are offering best seo services to various companies such as manufacturing, hospitals, schools, educational institutions, e-commerce companies, startups, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, engineering, construction and real-estate companies.

From the above statistical data available and other locations in the Navi Mumbai area.

The number of industries and companies are increasing.

With the growth and reach of the internet to all the corners of the world, it is wise to optimize the website.

Every single minute custormers online are searching for your product and services.

Having a simple website presence will not fetch you the desired return on investments or get new clients.

Now that we are convinced the importance and role of SEO.

To promote your website, brand, products and services, it now time to have a great long term seo strategy in 2018.

Identify the Geographical location of your custormers.

Generally we straight away start optimizing our website without understanding the nature of our business.

A thorough and in-depth knowledge of the product & services is important for your seo company in Navi Mumbai.

Internet marketing will not give you the desire results or return on investments unless you are not directly focussing on your clients, their geographical location, existing preferences, demographics and other vital factors.

For example, of your clients are located all over the world then you need to have Top Level Domain with country specific international targeting (.com).

In the opposite scenario, if the clients are located in India, then you need to have country level specific domain targeting local clients ( or .in).

On-Page & Off-Page SEO 2018
On-Page & Off-Page SEO

Competitor Research

To beat the competition, you need to understand thoroughly.

Who your competitors are?

What is their online marketing strategy?

How do they promote their products & services?

What social media marketing strategy they are implementing?

Their best selling products?

Their website ranking?

The given above is a brief question that your seo company in Navi Mumbai need to check before finalising your long term seo strategy.

Spend to generate revenue.

Corporates understand it very well that they need to invest in online marketing for achieving their long-term goals.

The goals will be to generate online leads, convert leads to sales, retain loyal customers.

You need spending or hire web seo services navi mumbai, Maharashtra as they are the right seo experts.

You can even employ an experienced full-time digital marketer.

Technical SEO of your website

Another aspect of complete health of your website is have a technical audit done of your website. It will better aid you understand the strength and weaknesses of your website.

Given below are some very important technical seo issues by your seo services in Navi Mumbai provider.

    1. Mobile Friendly website
    2. Structured data implemented at your website
    3. Google speed test
    4. Latest sitemap
    5. Check internal and external links
    6. Website is easily crawlable and indexed by search engine bots/spiders
    7. Anchor Text
    8. Meta Description tags
    9. AMP Project, AMP Stories
    10. Rich featured snippets
Update Google My Business Account

Google My Businesses is an active online lead generator for your business. Companies and digital marketer must update and preserve their online business status regularly.

Google my business regularly displays on your search results. It gives all the important information of your product & services.

Google AMP

Accelerated mobile pages A MP)project started by Google to render search results as quicky as possible.

The adoption of AMP will improve the mobile website page speed and page ranking.

Recently Google has also started an useful feature in AMP project i.e. AMP Stories as per Google blog post dated 13th February 2018.

AMP Stories are visually engaging content constructed mainly of interactive photos/text for users.

Better user experience

There are many other long term SEO strategy, the most crucial one is the client centric.

All your seo plans and strategies should be around your customers.

Online marketers should not be obsessed by search engine optimization.

Extensive content, useful information, matching the search/query demands should be the prime goal of seo company in Navi Mumbai.

seo from internet marketing company
seo from internet marketing company

Use Google Analytics

After doing all the important seo related changes to your website. Its now time to the results.

Use Google analytics, it is a free tool form Google to analyse where your customers are coming from, sources, keywords, geographic location and their demographics.


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