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how to create a long-term seo strategy

One of my clients came to me and asked how to create a long term SEO strategy for his business.

As he was quite concerned about Google algorithm changes and was not happy with frequent changes in his website page ranking.

He insisted me to give a full proof long term SEO plan for his business and sales growth.

Steps for how to create long term SEO strategy

Search Engine Optimization activities are the center focus of all your digital marketing strategy.

Website Optimization

SEO spending is growing

Digital marketers across the globe have realized the importance of page ranking, better visibility of the website and to appear in top pages of search results.

The data on increase in expenditure on SEO on yearly basis in U.S. shows its growing importance

SEO Spending in U.S.
SEO Spending in U.S.

Secondly, he also was interested in knowing how to get affordable SEO services and cheapest SEO packages so that the investments are not high from a business financial health point of view.

Now, to start with one should have a clear understanding of

What is SEO?

What are the SEO strategies?

What are the techniques for SEO?

How does link building help SEO?

How to prepare an effective local SEO guide?

What are the local SEO tips?

How to prepare an SEO strategy document?

free seo plans from 365 digital marketing
free SEO plans from 365 digital marketing

Preparing SEO plan for the website takes a deep thought making process.
You have to analyze and project the long-term goals your organization is looking to achieve.
Of course, Sales is the foremost factors which are the driving forces that make you invest in any digital marketing channels.
But there are even other indirect channels which lead to the growth and branding of your business. To list a few of them are:

Social media marketing
content writing
email campaigns

Today, we shall share some most effective SEO strategies for 2017.

The challenges today digital marketers and business management are facing?

Which digital marketing activity will give the biggest incremental uplift in leads and sales in 2017?

This can be to some greater extent answered by the statistical data from Statistia.

Influential digital marketing strategies in 2017
Influential digital marketing strategies in 2017

AS a digital marketer you have to evolve yourself regularly with updates and advanced SEO strategies and techniques in 2017.

How to craft a remarkable SEO strategy in 2017 for your business is an art and methodical approach to your SEO plans.

So, you are ready to build your SEO strategy, let’s start with it.

Local SEO services

The majority of businesses are interested in first fully exploring their local markets and once they have achieved it. Later, they focus on going national and international markets.

The second question comes “What is local SEO?” or “What is Local search optimization?”

In simple words, it exploring the complete local market potential for your products & services. With all the white hat SEO tactics you have to reach out your customers in your local markets of operations.

There are a lot of other benefits also if you are going for a long-term local SEO strategy such as:

  • Lower overheads cost
  • Lower marketing and advertising expenditure
  • Faster delivery of product and services
  • Quick after sales support and much more

Local SEO company

Once you have identified the importance of going for long term local sales and marketing strategy for your business. The next step is to prepare a detailed local SEO plan. After careful consideration all your strengths and weakness and input from all the stakeholders in your organization, you are ready with your marketing plan.

Now it’s time for the implementations of the plan. As far as SEO is concerned, it required specialized knowledge to effectively execute it. If you can devote some time daily on a regular basis there are a lot of free resources over the internet from where you can get SEO tips and support.

While preparing the plan you have taken into consideration various local SEO factors such as customer preferences, local culture, habits your competitor marketing strategy, local laws and regulations etc.

But all these exercises requires patience and dedication of your valuable time.

In such a situation the services of a local SEO expert comes very useful. They are specialized in this sector and offer the desired results. They can help you in offering a perfect local SEO guide for long-term sales and marketing strategy for your business.

Over Google search, you can easily search by typing the best local SEO company and go through their profile and by contacting them you can ask for the services of local SEO strategy with local SEO optimization they can offer.

Finally, if SEO pricing is your main concern, then check for various firms cheapest SEO packages with their different line of services. Alternatively, you can also go seo plan monthly basis.

Fortunately today there are many affordable SEO services for small business with some good SEO packages in India.

Optimize your website for mobile

Search Engine giant Google has also confirmed that going mobile friendly is the present and future.

Today all of us are hooked to our smartphones and mobile handsets most of the time.

You can also check whether your website is mobile friendly or not by taking a simple test from Google available through its web master’s tools, the website mobile friendliness test.

To help webmasters Google has also laid down clear guidelines for a friendly mobile site.

By going through the above links you can easily check whether your website is meeting all the requirements as mentioned by Google and if not the corrective steps are also mentioned in it.

Content is King

Your website should be content-rich. I often quote to digital marketers, to make content for the target audiences and not for search engine consumptions.

Your main goal should not be to purely rank higher in search engine pages ranking but for a higher click through rate. 

Use Voice Search for SEO

Voice Search is going to be the future for search by most of us.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced during his Google I/O keynote presentation that 20 percent of queries on its mobile app and on Android devices are voice searches.

The available options today are Siri, Google Now and Cortana.

SEO Audit

To check the online health of your website and to see how your website is performing, you have to regularly get an SEO audit of your website from the SEO services company you have hired.

This aspect is often neglected or not paid by business owners the major benefits of SEO audit of your website are as follows:

  • Check the broken links
  • Check the broken images
  • Duplicate Content check
  • Titles
  • Meta descriptions length
  • Search engine crawling of your website
  • Number of pages indexed
critical website seo issues
critical website SEO issues

From the above data, we can clearly understand the seo issues digital experts are facing.

The search engine optimization companies ensure a regular audit of your website and recommend the needed changes for your website structure.

SEO strategy in 2017, the first choice will always be links and the second one is the quality of your content.

While building your link building strategy you have to keep in mind the trusted source from where you get links.
The importance should not be on the quantity but on the quality of the links.
Digital marketers should never look for cheaply purchased links.
Optimise your website for search queries
Google has always given importance to web pages to satisfy the queries and search parameters of the visitors.
The content should be for the benefit and useful information to the people looking for solutions.
The content marketing strategy and the SEO strategy should not be primarily focused on search engines.
Use focus keywords in the URL title
The title of the URL should be very specific and clear.
The title should be brief and specify the first content of your article.
User experience matters
If the meta description of your post is not serving the purpose of your audience, it may not attract them to click on the link.
The reason is simple if your content ranks through the search result pages but is not good enough but fails to attract the reader. Then you may have a lower click through rate.
Page speed matters
There are 200 Google page ranking factors. Page load speed is primary among them.The faster you websites loads, it will improve your google page rank. Test your website page speed with this free tool from Google
Try to put only relevant information on your website.
The more specific and beneficial information for your readers the more click through rates you will have.
Give depth to your articles
It is seen that putting good emphasis on the quality of the content gives more useful information to your readers.
The keywords should be wisely and specifically used in regards to the content only.
Go for a secured https website
Today due to cyber security and various other malware, search engines and your audiences are preferring https source websites.
Use long tail keywords intelligently
When you’re right a blog post or a social media post, think as if you are the audience.
Try to ask the questions to yourself as if you are going to buy the ultimate product or services.
Try to highlight the problem areas the consumers may have and the desired solution they are looking for.
People generally type long tail keywords for seeking information or advice.

What is your local search optimizations strategy? If you have some local SEO tips, please share with our readers. How effectively the SEO services for small business can be achieved. Kindly leave your comments in the comment column below and share this article with your friends.

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SEO is a long term strategy and should be planned and implemented regularly for better results and return on investments. Corporates should have a long term vision with respect to the branding and attract new customers.

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