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Online Lead Generation

In today’s blog post we shall explain in detail

What is online lead generation?

What are online lead generation techniques in 2021?

The effective online lead generation tools for 2021?

Before we start with our blog post on online lead generation, let us take a look some statistical data reports released by India Brand and Equity Foundation (IBEF).

As per their reports released on 25th of January 2018, Digital ad industry to grow 32% approximately Rs 18,986 crore by 2020.

Thanks to the smartphone market penetration in India. This gives the digital marketers and immense opportunity to run online campaigns to generate online leads in 2021

Let’s start with some basic concepts for online lead generation

What is Lead Generation?

In marketing, the definition of the lead generation is the initiation of consumer interest in an inquiry into the goods and services of a company. Lead generation can be generated in many ways traditional and digital methods. Traditional methods include hoardings, banners, radio, and television. The new revolution in digital age includes various digital platforms such as print, mobile, through the internet and social media. The prime reason for all B2C and B2B lead generation is to improve the sales numbers.
Today, as compared to traditional sources there are many ways for generating leads such as digital marketing, it includes social media  (Linkedin, Facebook, G+ etc.) telemarketing, email marketing etc.  As compared to traditional marketing today we have more avenues to reach our potential customers these resources have opened a new scenario for lead generation

Why go online for Lead Generation?

There are a number of surveys done in 2015 which shows 89% of the respondents has said email is the most effective mode for lead generation and secondly followed by content marketing search engine and other direct events. As said above social media today as playing an important role in direct marketing to reach your potential prospects. Among them, LinkedIn is a very successful strategy which can give you the desired leads. With systematic planning, research and historical data analysis one can apply the successful LinkedIn strategy. Since when LinkedIn has become available in 2011 for the social and business networking platform it has grown insubstantial professional display and reach the platform.
Traditionally LinkedIn was regarded as a platform just uploading your resume and finding better jobs but now the scenario is changed more B2B leads are coming from this channel. nurturing them through your corporate sales funnel process, you have more prospects of growing your business. It is easier to reach out corporates, professionals and do networking for yourself and your company. As per reports, many marketing plans have been successful simply by using the LinkedIn platform.
Given below are some useful tips to write/improve your LinkedIn profile

  • Have a personalized professional profile batch
  • Be active in networking with B2B
  • Optimize your anchor title
  • Post your achievements
  • Personalize your URL
  • Use infographics in your profile.

There are many ways startups can make lead generation easily by applying the following simple rules in addition to discussed above. There are other avenues available for lead generation such as CPM (Cost per Mile), in this model advertisers charge for the impression. CPC (Cost per Click) here advertises charged only when prospects click on the advertisement. CPA  (Cost per Action)  by charging only by the lead. All these models we shall discuss in detail in my next post. Other popular digital methods of methods of lead generation for SEO – Search Engine Optimization, online banners, surveys, email flyers, scion social media ads etc.


It can be said that today lead generation is possible in both traditional and digital models. We have to find a balance of both so that we can get the desired results. Today social media is playing an important role in this regard. There are both free and paid sources by which companies can achieve desired presence and reach their potential customers.  So, what are you waiting for, explore these digital platforms for generating marketing and sales leads?

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