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On page seo tips in 2018

For generating website traffic Search Engine Optimization is the first tool of any best SEO services in India.  On page optimization of the website is the first step towards it. We shall share some important on-page SEO tips in 2018 in this blog post.

Internet marketers main target is to generate online leads with easy on page seo techniques. We shall discuss an on page seo checklist, tutorials and for mobile websites new Google AMP stories format. How to use AMP stories to your website.

Given below are some of the common SEO related questions of our clients:

How to increase website traffic fast?

How to increase website traffic through google?

how to maximize Google search results?

How to improve page rank on google?

How do you get to the top of a google search?

We shall answer all the above questions in our post below.

For those new to the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), let us see what is SEO?

“Search Engine Optimization in simple words is the technique of getting visibility of your website on the top pages of search engine result pages. The purpose is to render answers, information, knowledge of your product or services to the people.”

In the infographic given below, we shall broadly see all the components of on page and off page SEO.

On-Page & Off-Page SEO 2018
On-Page & Off-Page SEO

On page SEO tips in 2018

From the definition above it is clear the goal of SEO is to among the first page of search engine result pages of Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and other search engines.

SEO is the most effective strategy for your digital marketing/online marketing.

The goal is to reach top 1 or 2 page of search engine result pages (SERP).

SEO firm that follows the white-hat SEO tactics and implements search engine best practices guidelines have a greater percentage of appearing on top pages of search results.

There are many useful resources from SEO experts and search engines such as Google and Bing.

We shall discuss some very important on-page SEO tips in 2018 to attract more website traffic and higher ranking for your website.

Meta tag optimization

The <meta> tag provides metadata about the HTML document. Metadata will not be displayed on the page but will be machine parsable.

Meta tag displays valuable information about your website

On page seo tips in 2018
meta tag description

As seen above meta tags are the snippets describing the contents of the page in the SERP.

However, the code is not displayed in the search results.

Importance of meta tags

Meta tags help search engines to read the content and keywords of the page.

It is generally the job of your webmaster to generate the right meta tag for your website.

If you are using a content management system like WordPress, Drupal or Magento, any person with little or no knowledge of coding can do it.

digital marketing in India
Google search results

Canonical Tag

A canonical link element is an HTML element that helps webmasters prevent duplicate content issues by specifying the “canonical” or “preferred” version of a web page.

There are instances when you have more than one version of your URL.

For example,

http or https (version) or

or any other version of the URL has the same information or content.

In such a  scenario, you need to tell the search engines like Google and Bing the correct URL version they should index.

The above best practice of canonical URL will index and render the right page you want to appear in search engine result pages and avoid dilution of any page rank of the specific page in question.

For more in-depth details on the correct use of canonical tags, please refer to the Google guidelines and get all the details of right implementation.

Heading Tags

If someone claims heading tags are an outdated SEO strategy, then please read this document carefully.

Heading tags are still more relevant and important today from SEO point of view.

Heading tags are the most vital part of your content marketing strategy and its success.

They tell the search engines about the content and intent of your articles and helps Google to render rich search engine result pages.

We keep on hearing a lot on h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 and a lot has been written on it by internet marketers.

So, what is an h1?

“H1 is an HTML tag that indicates a heading on a website”

Right use and implementation of header tags are one of the main SEO strategy and digital marketing services of the top digital marketing companies in Mumbai and important On page SEO tips in 2018.

The only purpose of writing this article is to make aware, inform and educate business owners, webmasters, digital marketers to understand the essence of using h1 tags to your website and how it can drive more traffic to your website.

Please note h1 tag is among one of the ranking factors for your web pages.

Google Mobile AMP Stories for Mobile Friendliness

Google has just introduced AMP Stories i.e. bringing visual storytelling to the open web space on February 13th,  2018. You can ask your website developer to implement the AMP Stories format to your website. Please note that before the feature is available for free but only on the approved websites by Google.

You need to formally apply to Google developers team for the application of this feature on your website and on acceptance, you are informed by Google Team.


Search Engine Optimization is a long-term strategy. The main intention of all business owners is drive revenue through sales. To drive online sales more website traffic is crucial and get qualified leads to convert them into sales.

By paying attention to right SEO tactics and strategy you can get more organic traffic to your website. Given above were some useful On page SEO tips in 2018 through them you can effectively improve your page ranking and get more traffic from Google.

The above points can also be useful for aspiring digital marketers preparing for digital marketing job interviews 2018.

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