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seo for hotel industry

In India, the hotel industry is the fastest growing industrial sector. SEO for hotel industry is more vital due to the increasing number of hotels.

The hotel industry is employing full-time SEO experts or services of SEO experts in Mumbai.

There are very dominant Search Engine Optimization strategies to be worked out for the success of the digital marketing campaign.

As per the reports released by Tourism Department of the Government of India, given below is the number of heritage hotels in India as on January 2018.

Number of Heritage Hotels in India 2018
Number of Heritage Hotels in India 2018

The number of hotels given above is enormous. All the hotels have a website. The website needs to be fully optimized for both domestic and international customers.

As on 6th March 2018, there were total 808 approved heritage hotels in India.

In the distinctive types of star categories like 1 star/2 stars/3 stars/4 stars/5 stars divided the maximum number of total 22483.

Today, the hotel industry is more dependent on the internet. People are using their smartphones, tablets, and desktop to gather information about hotels at remote locations at distinct parts of the world.

There has to be a clear and planned hotel SEO strategy to tap the customers who are looking for hotels.

As per the press release by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India and Press Information Bureau dated 5th March 2018 Over Rs. 5,600 crores sanctioned under Swadesh Darshan Scheme by Tourism Ministry and Rs. 687.92 crores sanctioned for 23 projects under PRASHAD scheme.

The above initiative by the Ministry of Tourism will give an enormous boost to the hotel industry and infrastructure.

There is also a growth in the number of foreign tourists in India. As per the statistics and data released by the Press Information Bureau:

  1. The number of Foreign Tourist Arrivals in India (FTAs) in January 2018 was 10.66 lakh as compared to FTAs of 9.83 lakh in January 2017 and 8.45 lakh in January 2016
  2. The growth rate in FTAs in January 2018 over January 2017 was 8.4%, compared to 16.4% in January 2017 over January 2016

We can clearly witness from the above statistics and data the growth and demand of the hotel industry in India.

  1. Hotel SEO Agency
    Hotel SEO Agency

SEO for hotel industry

In this blog post, we shall discuss various vital SEO strategies/techniques and tips.

The hotel industry is very competitive today due to innovative services, pricing, online websites, etc.

The intent of all the SEO and digital marketing strategy is:

  1. To get the customer discovers your hotel
  2. Navigate all the important aspects of the hotel
  3. Improve booking rates
  4. All the above at a reasonable cost/investment
  5. Finally, connect the guest to your hotel.

For retrieving the information on the absolute number of hotels in India in various metro cities like Mumbai/New Delhi/Kolkatta/Chennai/Bengaluru and other II tier and III tier cities.

Please visit the website The Federation of Hotel & Restaurant Associations of India (FHRAI). 

It is India’s most substantial national body representing the hospitality industry in India.

As quoted by Mr.Garish Oberai, President FHRAI in the monthly publication Magazine of FHRAI for the month of February 2018

“The focus on technology is very relevant in this digital age. The government is planning to set up 5 lakh Wi-Fi hotspots and has allocated `10,000 crores for this under telecom infrastructure.”

Now that we have understood the importance and role of digitalization in the hospitality industry including hotel industry.

There is a growth of both the domestic/local tourists and foreign tourists in India.

People today are searching the internet the best of the hotels in India.

The hotels in particular need to be ready for the discovery and navigation of their hotel website.

SEO tips for hotels

The SEO expert needs to be innovative, deploy novel ideas and search engine best practices for the hotel website’s SEO.

Today every hotel wants to know “How to do SEO for hotels?”

“How do I expand the occupancy of my hotel rooms?”

I have covered in-depth in detail What do we mean by SEO? And how does SEO works?t.

Please read the knowledge base on the right-hand side of the desktop website for some important and vitals SEO tips.

We shall discuss some vital SEO tips for hotels in 2018!

Hotel SEO Strategy

The online marketer needs to recognize unique departments of the hotels, their specializations, and services.

The management and stakeholders of the hotel must have a detailed session with the digital marketing team or the SEO agency.

Both the vision and mission of the hotel must be included in the detailed hotel SEO strategy.

Best Keywords for Hotels

Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) is all about the keywords or phrases that the customer or guest types to determine the most legitimate hotels at the desired locations.

Many digital marketers make the mistake of stuffing their website landing pages, posts, pages with keywords.

The prime intent of the online marketer must be to offer right/valuable information to the guests and not for the search engine spiders/bots.

All the keywords should be properly researched with the paid and free tools available.

One of the most legitimate tools is offered by Google AdWords, Keywords Planner Tool.

Research for top hotel keywords and hotel-related keywords.

SEO for the hospitality industry is very competitive and content for the hotel website must be informative, add value and help guest to constitute decisions.

SEO tips for hotels
SEO tips for hotels
Competitor Research

The hospitality industry is all about competition. You need keeping a watch on all your local competitors.

The intent is to get better of them.

Better in terms of:

  1. Quality
  2. Services
  3. Facilities
  4. Ambiances
  5. Tariff/Rates/Pricing

Embrace a accurate view of all the above aspects of your competitors and learn from them how better you can improve.

It is not an immediate strategy. You need evolving the facilities and infrastructure of your hotel. Hotels now recognize the importance of digital marketing in the hospitality industry.

Reviews, Feedback, and Ratings from Customers

SEO for hotel industry is easy to implement with proper research, understanding, and expectations of your guests.

The center point of all the hotel digital marketing strategy is your patron or guests.

Their feedbacks, reviews and services ratings increase goodwill and public reputation.

They were also a vital part of mobile marketing strategy of hotels in 2018.

As customers are using their smartphones or mobile phones to search hospitals and the reviews of the guests who have visited your hold strength.

The more favorable and extensive reviews, the more legitimate chances you have as compared to your competitors.

Any negative reviews should also be seen as an opportunity to develop and consider desired actions to make your guests satisfied in future.

Google Structured Data Testing Tool
Google Structured Data Testing Tool

The reviews can also appear on the search engine result pages with the structured data testing tool from Google.

All internet marketers must consider distinct advantage of this free tool.

If the structured data is properly implemented on your website.

The reviews and star ratings of your valuable customers will appear in the knowledge base or the just below your search results.

High-quality Landing Page

It is well said, First impressions is the last impression.”

The landing page of the website has to be of extraordinary quality and easy to navigate at all the diverse sections or departments of your hotel.

There are many tailormade SEO ready premium themes for hotels available now.

Obtain the help of your SEO expert in selecting the right theme for your website.

Hotel Website Page Speed

Among the 200-page ranking factors of the Google. Website page speed is profoundly important. Emphasis must be laid on all the three versions of your website:

If you are qualified to get perfect 100-page score results in the test, then excellent.

Even the score for both the mobile and desktop website above 80 is good.

Accelerated Mobile Pages for the Hotel website

Search engine giant Google is giving more weight to the fast rendering of the search query results.

Google AMP project is the latest feature from Google to render lightning fast search results.

Accelerated Mobile Pages Project-AMP
Accelerated Mobile Pages Project-AMP

As per Google, more than 1.5B AMP pages have been published over the web. The most desirable feature of AMP is the web pages are loaded instantly even with low-quality internet speed.

Digital Marketing Trends 2018

  1. Use social media marketing to engage with your customers
  2. Upload latest updates and announcements to social media accounts
  3. Use Pinterest and Instagram to share latest images of your hotel
  4. Have online forms filled up with communication and social profile of your guests
  5. Request your patrons to give a fair review and star ratings
  6. If possible have a mobile application for direct hotel booking
  7. Use multiple third-party platforms for hotel listing and booking
  8. Reward your regular and loyal customers with discounts and coupons.

SEO for hotel industry is ever evolving. New technology and upgradations are regularly implemented for better customer service, reduce cost and save time.

  • The importance of digital marketing in the hospitality industry is such that you can significantly improve yours:
  • hotel operations
  • control revenue leakages
  • improve return on investments from digital marketing investment


In the above blog post, the best of hotel strategy is shared. What is the SEO and digital marketing plan of your hotel?

You can share your views with us by submitting in the comments box below.

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