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Digital Marketing agency in Malad

Digital Marketing agency in Malad

Digital marketing is an essential marketing strategy for all businesses today! The role of digital marketing agency in Malad is even more challenging due to the intense competition. 

All sales and marketing strategies are focused on how to achieve a sustainable growth and customer satisfaction. With the intent to retain customers!

In this blog post we will discuss how digital marketing companies can help companies to achieve the desired results!

digital marketing agencies in malad

Smart TV & Videos an emerging medium for digital marketing agency

Due to the corona-virus pandemic users in Malad were hooked to Television and Video content. The same was confirmed by Glenn Thrope, Senior Product Manager, Display & Video 360.

As per the blog post published on 11 June 2020 Display & Video 360’s connected TV available inventory surged by 75 percent in April 2020 from the previous year.

As a result video streaming advertising gained more momentum!

A dedicated TV section in Marketplace specifically for publishers and inventory that let digital marketing agency connect TV audiences across devices.

The future of digital marketing in Malad, Mumbai!

As compare to 10 years ago, technology and innovations have guided the industrial growth. The main pillar of digital revolution is mobile & internet.

Today all the commercial transactions are increasingly been done with smart phones. The ease and comfort of searches, payments and shopping have given more freedom to the end users.

According to a report released by FICCI published on July 31, 2018.

The digital payments are set to become a trillion dollar market in next 5 years as quoted by NITI Aayog report.

As more global leader is entering the Indian market, it is set to grow fast!

The NITI Aayog quote:

The digital payments market In India is expected to grow to US$ 1 trillion by 2023 led by growth in mobile payments, presenting huge business opportunities for players in the digital space. Mobile payments are slated to rise from $ 10 billion in 2017-18 to $ 190 billion by 2023.

The above statistics reveal the growth and reach of digitization all over India. The companies in Malad need to take into account the changing preferences of consumers.

They need to adapt to the latest digital technologies and solutions to retain customers. The major step in this regard is:

  • Optimizing website
  • Adding online payment solutions
  • Data management
  • Integration of Unified Payments Service (UPI) & Immediate Payment Service (IMPS)
  • Maintaining social media channels
  • Invest in Data Analytics/Customer Insights for digital marketing

The modern digital marketing agency is having all the needed resources. To market their client campaign!

Yet they are not sure of the Return on Investments ROI. The success rate of paid advertising campaigns!

It is not easy to predict the consumer behavior and buy patterns. To support the digital marketing campaigns data analysis & customer insights are vital.

The idea is to predict and understand the consumer behavior. The customers are today equipped with many choices. To make your client product & services stand apart in the market is a challenge.

The digital marketing agency has all the resources at their disposal. Historical data, technology, manpower and tools for in-depth analysis are available.

As per the Nielsen CMO report 2018 by Eric Solomon, SVP Marketing and Strategy, Nielsen Watch.

The challenges digital marketer is:

It’s About Meeting Customer Expectations by Delivering More Relevant Experiences.

The Nielsen report stated the brands are now more focusing on customer. As the center of their strategy!

Whereas 80% of the brands are willing to invest in marketing analytics in the next 12 months! Many of them are ready to hike in digital ads spend.

The report also quoted the CMO’s are ready to learn, test and invest in new technologies. To adapt changes in consumer behavior .

The challenge for digital marketers is to deploy the new marketing channels. These channels driven by new market technologies and digital driven.

The new/traditional digital platform for marketing is:

  • Search
  • Social Media
  • Online Video
  • OTT (Over-The-Top) TV/Connected TV (CTV)
  • Mobile Video
  • Email
  • Online Display Advertising

As per the Nielsen report:

  • 79% of respondents ranked search as “very” or “extremely” important
  • 73% thought the same about social media
  • A large majority also considered online video (64%)
  • Email (59%) to be very or extremely important channels

The online marketer has to channelize all the digital media to assure ROI. It is the combined channels marketing strategy that will work for them.

As per the report from IAMAI published in ET Brand Equity! The digital advertising market in India is likely to grow 30 per cent on a year-on-year basis to 12,046 crores in 2018.

The above report jointly published by Internet and Mobile Association of India and Kantar IMRB.

As per the above report, growth in spends on digital advertising. Is expected to continue at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 30 per cent! To touch Rs.12,046 crores by December 2018.

The report also stated expenditure on digital advertising is about 16 per cent of the total expenditure in the advertising market in India.

This offers ample opportunity for digital marketing agency in Malad. As more companies are willing to spend on digital ads. The requirement of specialized services of digital marketing agencies will be in demand.

The report also confirmed the growing importance of search ads. Search ads are now dominating the share of digital ads.

Search ads accounted to digital ad spending. 27% of total digital ad spends Rs 2,502 crore is made on search.

The second position is taken by video ads/mobile ads where companies spend around Rs.1,779 crores and Rs.1,761 crores respectively.

The above report will help in making a long term digital marketing plan. The statistics show that search is the preferred metrics for audiences.

Video and mobile ads are substantially gaining popularity. The digital marketers need to channelize the client resources to more effective platforms.

digital marketing benefits of blog compass app in malad
digital marketing benefits of blog compass app in malad

Digital marketing benefits of Google products

The Digital marketing benefit of Blog Compass App is:

  • Get a dashboard to manage your entire blogging schedule
  • Get suggestions for latest topics of your interest
  • Badge’s for successful completion of various stages
  • Data for weekly, monthly, 3 months & yearly
  • Visitor’s overview data
  • Traffic sources
  • Traffic from Google search queries-impressions & click
  • Top posts list
  • Data for top showing topics from India, related to interests
  • The above popular queries with topics can be saved a favorites
  • Write a blog post based on popular queries
  • Comments received on blog post both pending and approved comments
  • Finally, a learning center for digital marketers with help topics on:
  • Search Console Help
  • Webmaster Guidelines
  • SEO starter guide
  • Help Google find your content
  • Help Google and users to understand your content
  • Optimize your content
  • Optimize your images
  • Make your site mobile-friendly
  • Promote your website
  • Analyze your search performance and user behavior
  • Google analytics help center
  • Google AdSense help
  • How to sign up for AdSense
  • How to insert ad code in your WordPress site

Digital marketing effect of the Project Strobe Google update!

Data privacy and security is the prime concern today. Companies today have access to vital consumer data.

The customers are also concerned today about sharing their personal information and data. Also how the data is being used.

The digital marketing agency must understand consumer data privacy and sharing norms. As compared to a few years ago the rules have become more stringent.

In Europe, we have already seen stringent data privacy norms.

In India also we are seeing the concerns over consumer data use. The digital marketing agency must suggest their client be cautious! Over the consumer data collection process storage and usage.

In the latest update from Google as per blog published on October 8, 2018. The post was written by Ben Smith

Google Fellow and Vice President of Engineering confirmed above argument.

The major takes of the Google post are:

Role of third-party apps, services and websites build Google services.

How Google is improving everyone’s phones, working life, and online experience.

  • Securing user’s data
  • Clear rules for developers
  • Closure of Google+ app

Google has laid down policies and norms for effective user data and security. These changes in norms based on internal reviews, user feedback. The evolving expectations about data privacy and security!

digital marketing services in malad

Google officially started a project at the beginning of 2018 named it Project Strobe. It is a root and branch review of third-party developer access. To Google account and Android device data!

To check whether it meets Google’s philosophy around apps’ data access!

The four major findings of the Google project strobe. Its possible effect on digital marketing is:

The challenges of creating & maintaining a public utility app! The closure of Google+ for consumers!

Greater control over the data shared with applications online. Action by Google!  More stringent Google Account permissions that will show in individual dialogue boxes!

Users autonomy to grant access to the confidential app such as Gmail. The measure taken by Google, limiting the access on the case by case basis!

To grant SMS, Contacts and Phone permissions to Android apps. Now users can do so with certain use cases selective cases.

Action by Google! Limiting apps’ ability to receive Call Log and SMS permissions on Android devices! 

Now debarring apps contact interaction data available via the Android Contacts API.

The above measure taken by Google will certainly have positive long term effects. The digital marketing agency in Malad must update their clients. The implications and impact to the digital marketing campaigns!

Companies while collecting user data need to take of the information privacy and security.


There are many possibilities with digital marketing to understand customer behavior both B2C and B2B. All the sales and marketing strategies are driven to get corporate goals in long term. A right analysis of past data that gives rise to future prediction for the digital marketers!

Companies have accepted the rise of various marketing and analytics channels for getting the right mix of growth planning.

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