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Online Sales Generation Guide

How to convert leads to sales?

Online Sales generation guide we all are searching. It is every corporates prime goal. Sales organization are trying to leave no stone behind to conquer the potential sales prospects through leads generated from various sources.  Corporates have to carefully analyze and scrutiny all the leads generated. I will share with you some effective sales generation process to follow in 2016 with proper Lead Management strategy given below are some basic steps to follow for effective results.

Filter your leads

Your sales team has to filter all the leads generated to various sources. It can be both online and offline but every Lead has to be checked carefully to get maximum closures.  The team should analyze and understand that all leads are not equally important.  A systematic ranking process has to be made so that you can target the leads with the maximum prospects of closure.  Your sales team has to devote their time and efforts for qualified leads and other prospective leads had to be nurtured and closed in future depending on their assessment.

Local Marketing

There is a bigger target audience at a local level and ensure to spend some time in understanding the regional pattern of how your prospective clients share their content or do shopping . Lead generation is an ongoing process the sales team has to know the process followed in the past to generate the links to determine the best process.

Cost and Time involved in lead processing

The sales team has to work on priority basis assigning the leads according to their merits. Departmental budgetary resources should be allocated with proper planning, research and management of your sales force

Lead Assistance

In lead assistance, prospects visit your website for various reasons such as getting information about the product & service or educating. Here comes the role of sales team in guiding people not purely from the point of view of making the sales. These potential visitors in future may turn to be your customers this is the best way to nurture your leads. Such type of leads validation can help you to convert them into sales who are not willing to buy presently but intending to get any information and may purchase your goods or services in future.  One of the major myth with marketers is that all these type of leads may turn into sales but one has to evaluate them and all such leads may not turn into sales and hence they have to save their valuable resources.

Referrals Management

Referrals are the lifeline of any business it is one of the source of a positive conversion compared to cold leads.  The sales team should give equal importance to the opportunity arising from referrals of past existing clients and their business networks.

Advocate and practice great customer service

A good customer service is the lifeline of any business.  Customer service is a major source of generating future sales.   A company with a good after Sales Service is regarded with high rankings in the industry and with their clients. Therefore utmost care must be taken for the client servicing.  These happy and satisfied clients may refer you to others prospects in the industry.  they will be your goodwill ambassadors in present and future. Sometime it pays well to the sales team if they go out of the scope to service their clients it maybe by any way for example the use of product, technical knowhow, or enquiring  market related information.

The given above face are some examples how small and medium sized businesses can leverage their digital marketing efforts without any additional cost they can smoke we focus on their regular business and generate the maximum results from online leads the abortion process does not involve the use of expensive Technologies all apps they can do it at minimal cost.

Given below is a checklist of few things by which you can have a greater impact in the digital marketing strategy.

Make optimized website

Do some basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) get your website listed in Google Microsoft and other major search engine. Create a social media profile such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and have a dedicated email account for your sales leads with a dedicated telephone numbers for receiving queries. Create a regular blog post also know that all your content writing should not be clearly from the point of view of making sales. You should write contents to educate inform and make aware your website visitors of the latest development in your industry.  This is the best way to be in contact and keep your visitors engaged with your company. The whole idea is to keep them returning to your website for any information, knowledge or Support.
If you have a decent budget then you can think of hiring a full time digital marketing agency or consultant to help you in achieving your goals. Digital marketers have specialized knowledge in the domain and their services are invaluable. Today it is not technically feasible for your sales team to reach each and every your potential prospects in different parts of the world. Through your vibrant website and online presence you can reach out to your prospects easily.  So make a responsive website, social profile and good content to make a way you are clients about your products and services.


If you have not started your digital marketing presence it is the right time now.  Take the first step in this regard if you don’t have any prior knowledge or experience of digital marketing you can take the help of your friends, relatives or Digital marketer in this regard. Your digital marketing efforts will surely have a greater impact on your total sales effort. We offer both free and paid plans.

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By Prashaant KD

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